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Defective Product Accident Claims

Boulder City Accident Lawyers

Defective product accident claims can be challenging. In some cases the defect is obviously the cause, but in many the accident can appear to be caused by negligence on the part of an individual, or the cause may be a mystery. When the Boulder City accident lawyers at Jolley Urga Woodbury & Little represent you, you can rest assured that your accident will be thoroughly investigated, and we will uncover the true underlying cause and contributing factors, so that we can pursue all avenues of compensation for you.


Both prescription and over-the-counter medications can be defective, causing injuries or death. Although some defective drugs are recalled, most are not and those that are typically harm many people before a recall is issued.

Drug injury victim and their loved ones often believe that medical malpractice was the cause. Medication errors causing injuries do fall under medical malpractice. When a defective drug causes injury, however, your case falls under product liability and the drug maker, rather than the doctor, is held responsible.

Children’s Products

Defects in children’s products are far too common. Many product defects can cause accidents such as strangulation, choking, and injuries such as eye injuries. The defect may or may not be obvious, and parents may assume that it was just a tragic accident, not realizing that there are safeguards in place which are meant to protect children from these types of accidents, and when they occur it is very often the result of the manufacturer’s failure to follow safety regulations.

In many cases, children’s products are defective due to improper labelling or marketing to children who are too young to use the product safely.

Another common defect is contamination with lead. Lead poisoning is dangerous for both children and adults, but it is more harmful to children because it affects their development and can result in long term disabilities. Children can suffer permanent brain injuries from exposure to levels of lead that are low enough that the child does not show any immediately noticeable symptoms.

Defective Vehicles

If you have been injured in an accident, and you suspect that a defective product was involved, you can rely on the Boulder City accident attorneys of Jolley Urga Woodbury & Little to thoroughly investigate and uncover the real cause of your injuries. Please, call us today at (702) 699-7500 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation and find out how we can help you and your family.